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Pop Music House

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Art Installations

who am I?

I am the Xi'an International Music Festival, which opened 16 years ago.

It is the Xi’an Concert Hall opened eight years ago.

It is the Xi'an International Theatre Festival that was held 7 years ago.

It is the Xi'an Symphony Orchestra that was born and fearless five years ago.

I am the footprint of more than 50,000 artists.

It was the applause of 1.6 million viewers.

Smile, cheer and cheer when you are happy

It is tears, thoughts and changes when I am touched

I am Puccini's fascinating China.

It is the world that Xi'an art lovers want to travel to.

I sent the voice of Xi'an to the world.

Show Xi'an the beauty of the world

I am the BUICK·shaanxi grand theatre, but it is not just about architecture.

What you have seen is my past.

What you are about to choose is my future.

Because you know the art and us

Shaanxi Grand Theater kicks off

I look forward to seeing you again.