Tribute to Piazzolla 100 years OUR TANGO

Tribute to Piazzolla 100 years OUR TANGO

Symphony hall,Xi 'an Concert Hall
Appr. 90 mins
¥60 | 100 | 160 | 220 | 280
2021-05-22 19:30
Admission 30 minutes in advance
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  • The purchased tickets will not be returned.
  • 1. Please scan the QR code for epidemic prevention control and measure your temperature before entering the venue. Non-green code or body temperature higher than 37 degrees will be refused entry. Please keep mask on after entering the theater.
  • 2. The theater will be opened under limitation of audience capacity in accordance with the notice of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Artist & Team

  • our tango orchestra

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When you hear the word tango, the first image that pops in mind is probably a passionate duo dance like that famous scene in Scent of a Woman. Nevertheless, the Argentina composer Astor Piazzolla sought to shatter that stereotype by setting the dance aside and casting the spotlight on the beautiful music itself. His revolutionary style—Tango Nuevo—combines the rigorous structure of classical music and avant garde chorus of jazz. When Piazzolla’s composition meets OUR TANGO, a group of talented oriental performers, every concert they held since 2011 has stimulated exciting sparks. This world-class orchestra not only explores the interdisciplinary connections between tango and other fields of art, but also weaves their traditional Chinese cultural background into their performance of Argentina music. The transnational and cross-cultural collaboration has rocked the world of audiences around the globe, and is sure to rock yours as well.


I.  Buenos Aires Hora Cero 

II. Invierno Porteño from CuatroEstaciones Porteñas                

III. Escualo 

IV. Oblivion 

V. Bordel 1900fromHistoire du Tango 

VI.  Concierto Para Quinteto 


VII. Serie del Ángel 

i.      Milonga del Ángel 

ii.    La Muerte del Ángel 

iii.    Resurreccion del Ángel 

VIII. Libertango

IX.   Milonga for Three from Rough Dancer & the Circlycal Night      

X.    Tangata fromSilfo Y Ondina

*The program may be subject to change without prior notice.


Theatre Etiquette

Colored drinks and food are not allowed to be brought into the venue. Bottled water is also forbidden in some performances.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is totally banned in the theatre.

Improperly dressing or intemperance will not allowed to enter the theatre. Please understand.

Latecomers have to wait, and to enter quietly at intermission or scene break under the guidance of the usher.

Paper bags, plastic bags, carry-on bags (greater than 25×20cm) and photographic equipment are required to be stored.

To show respect for the artists, please do not take photos or audiotape or videotape recording during the performance.

To ensure the good acoustics during performance, mobile phone signals will be blocked during some performances.

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