Dance "Nomadic" By Hu Shenyuan

Dance "Nomadic" By Hu Shenyuan

Opera Hall,Shaanxi Opera House
65 mins (without intermission),*post -performance talk in addition,Unless otherwise noted, talks are in Chinese only.
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2020-11-21 19:30
Admission 30 minutes in advance
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Artist & Team

  • Hu Shenyuan

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A work by championship in Dance Smash 2019

The vastness of the Mongolians

Outline the inner emotions



This work takes the body itself as the starting point, according to the basic rhythm

of Mongolian dance, Combine the body movements of contemporary dance to

develop and create unique dance language. The choreographer creates body shapes

in a variety of emotions with a large number of footsteps. The Mongolian broad and deep music melody outlines the emotional ups and downs of the human heart.



Everyone define “Nomadic” for themselves. It is to move away from home, to lose ones, and to be a migration. Some people are willing to abandon everything they own to be Nomad, to taste freedom and loneliness, to dream of the carnival of life, to look forward to the destination of the lost way. Time, invisible but powerful, we grow up, we drift, forever on the track of time.


“Nomadic, the moment of my heart loses support.”


Hu ShenYuan

Hu ShenYuan is a independent dancer, choreographer. He graduated from the Dance

Academy of Central MinZu University. From 2012 to 2014, he worked in Beijing LDTX

Dance Company.

As a dancer, he played Yu Ji in Yang Liping's dance work "Ambush on Ten Sides",

showing amazing and unforgettable body skills, his wonderful interpretations of the

roles and being known by the public. Yang Liping once commented: "Perfect feet and

soft boneless body, God has given him everything."




In 2017, Hu Shenyuan became the first young artist supported by Yang Liping Art Foundation and created his piece “Nomadic”.

Hu ShenYuan studio, HU-HU DANCE was established in 2017.

He tries to express his understanding of life and art by dancing.

He won The Best Performance Award of the 4th Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition in 2017;

he received the Silver Award of the 16th Italian Rome International Choreography Competition, and the Jury Chairman Award of Men's Group of the 15th Seoul International Dance Competition in 2018.

The work “ID, ego, and super-ego” was selected as the exhibition unit of the 4th China Youth Dance Talents Training Program.

The work “The moonlight rainbow” was contracted by the 5th China Youth Dance Talents Training Program.

His works included “Nomadic”, “The moonlight rainbow”,  “So close”, “With”, “ID, ego,

and super-ego” and “The flower of freedom”.


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